Welcome to Kampong Asian Market Restaurant, your home for traditional Chinese food.

If you’re wondering what Kampong means, it actually means “village.” It often describes the dwellings that Malay migrants live in, and it is also the name for the traditional settlement for Asian indigenous people.
Now that you have a brief understanding of what Kampong means, you can understand a little bit about the culture of our restaurant. We are dedicated to providing a unique culinary experience that stands above other Chinese restaurants you’ve ever been to. Our traditional Chinese food is made with care, creativity, and above all, flavor. The rich textures and flavors of our Chinese food dishes will always have you coming back for more. All of our Chinese food is made in house from scratch, and we use the freshest ingredients possible.

In addition to making great Chinese food, Kampong Asian Market Restaurant is dedicated to providing excellent customer service unmatched by any other restaurant in Tampa. Our staff is friendly, thorough, and quick, and will ensure the best experience for you and every customer that comes through our doors. We welcome you to sit back, relax and enjoy the traditional Chinese food that we have to offer.

Let us provide you with our delicious Chinese food, a unique experience, and friendly customer service. Our Chinese food menu is full of variety and has something that everyone can enjoy. Come explore the culture of Chinese cuisine, and we promise you’ll leave satisfied.

Come savor the flavors of China with all of us here at Kampong Asian Restaurant. Whether you need take out Chinese food or you need a reservation to dine in with us, feel free to give us a call today!