Here at Kampong Asian Market Restaurant, we are dedicated to providing our customers with delicious, traditional Chinese food, prompt and friendly customer service, and a unique dining experience that can’t be matched anywhere. We enjoy sharing our love for traditional Chinese food, and hope that our customers love eating it as well.

While we are mostly a Chinese restaurant, each Chinese dish has ingredients that take on other flavors of various regions of Asia. It’s important to us to be able to provide our clientele with a variety of flavor and different types of Chinese dishes so that anyone and everyone can enjoy our Chinese restaurant.

We offer an extensive menu of Chinese dishes for lunch, dinner, and we even offer catering and each menu is also available for takeout. Whether you want to eat in-house or on-the-go, Kampong Asian Market Restaurant can fulfill your appetite. We have something for everyone, which is what makes our Chinese restaurant a go-to for lunch and dinner for many.

Delicious Chinese Dishes at Kampong Asian Market Restaurant

We encourage you to take a look at the lunch specials and dinner menu that we have to offer. Our traditional Chinese food can be modified for your needs, so that every customer can enjoy our Chinese dishes.

If you’re hungry and have a hankering for some traditional Chinese food, look no further than Kampong Asian Market Restaurant. Not only do you get delicious Chinese food, but you’ll get exceptional customer service. Give us a call today to place an order or to make a reservation.